Constructive 5 Elements Cycle Workshops & Jewelry Collection

 Our mission is to spread nature’s wisdom, to empower each person to achieve goals and to develop a deep awareness of your existence, to make all changes YOU NEED  to become the person you want to be. To protect our planet and its 5 elements it's one of the most important elements of wisdom.
Join us! We care.


Constructive Cycle Jewelry

For those looking for - or just needing - a guiding hand in the search for correct answers to the five fundamental questions, called The Laws of Success will certainly be of help.

Asking (yourself) the right questions in the right order, starting with the Why?, then What? and Who?, followed by When? and the final How? is important when in doubt or about to make difficult decisions, helps to overcome lack of self-discipline and maintain motivation over time, or clears the mind of the chaos and uncertainty about real goals in life. 

This piece of jewelry may be helpful in both private and professional life and this makes it really unique. Like a private tutor, an amulet or a smart personal GPS, whenever answers and solutions outreaching our comfort zone are required, there it is, always ready to teach us to regain control of our lives. Just put the bracelet or necklace around your wrist or neck and let yourself be guided.