“Constructive 5 Elements Cycle” Jewelry Collection

The « Constructive 5 Elements Cycle » jewelry collection is based on the ancient Chinese philosophy, called also « laws of success ».
This wisdom is the answer for the human quest to succeed and to create wealth. Modern neuroscience has confirmed this ancient law.
Desi Devino, the designer of this jewelry collection, has engraved this instruction on medallions. The collection is organic, modern, innovative and infused with this ancient law. Our mission is to spread nature’s wisdom, to empower each person to achieve goals and to develop a deep awareness to protect our planet and its 5 elements.
Join us! We care.

Desi Devino, inspired by nature and its wisdom, concerned with her overall physical and mental well-being, has always been convinced that nature is the absolute success model to follow. "What nature has created, is closest to perfection because it is harmonious and balanced".

As a creator and entrepreneur she is familiar with doubt, stress, sometimes a lack of discipline or motivation, always with decision making and fulfillment of needs and ambitions. Faced with so many difficult tasks and needing effective solutions in order to reach her goals, she found THE answer, in ancient Asian cosmology :

Chinese philosophy based on the concept of 5 elements which are in order:  water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. They form the infinitely renewing constructive five elements cycle. The elements respectively match the questions: Why? What? Who? When? How?  The five key questions that lead to success and wisdom. "The law of success is comparable to that of nature". In practice, the following of the above, adopted by many personal development coaches, is a ready-made guide to making a success of any given project, from start to end. It leads to a structured, coherent and meaningful way of thought in both private and professional life.

It is not uncommon to have unaccomplished ideas, values we long for or goals that we don’t reach. In that case, we often turn to a coach for help. This was precisely the reason for the designer Desi Devino, to engrave this concept on a line of unisex jewelry called: "Constructive 5 elements cycle".

The "Constructive 5 elements cycle" jewelry collection consists of several models inspired by the 5 elements: bracelets, necklaces, and rings with a silver locket, all bearing the constructive cycle of the five elements with their five respective questions. The symbol of infinity engraved on the obverse recalls the eternal renewal of the cycle.

Elegant and original, the jewels are made of organic materials such as pewter, leather for the most classic ones or crystals for strass lovers. There is something to match all tastes including the best-sellers such as the leather bracelets of two or three rounds. Each one is a chic, practical and helpful mental coach at your wrist!

"You are no longer alone, the jewels will lead the way.”

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