“People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.- Simon Sinek

This statement is perfectly correct in my opinion. So obvious! everybody can say, ok, but express it, it's not so evident. Thank you Simon Sinek! It made my thoughts much more clear.
To be consequent and clear in front of my clients, I should explain to myself in details:
1. What I'm selling? -  Obviously, I'm selling jewelry.
2. Why I'm selling this jewelry? - This Jewelry has one point in common: It's Ten words of wisdom. I'm selling this jewelry because I've got an idea that I could share with a lot of people a very important message: Ten words of ancient Chinese philosophy: "Constructive 5-Elements Cycle" (C5EC) known as “laws of success” created in China in the year 3114 B.JC. Listening for the first time the presentation, I was listening to the classes of the most known coaches. Since many years I am reading all the bestsellers - how to achieve the goals or success? or the best leaders telling us all about making our dreams true, about our constructive and our destructive elements in our subconscious and our conscious. I was always very curious about the greatest philosophers, their way to express the wisdom they wanted to share.
Meeting with Constructive 5 Elements Cycle was crucial for me. It was the moment when I've discovered that all I was reading, originally came from the same source - the Constructive 5 Elements Cycle philosophy! The next conclusion was to share with as many as possible!
If you are interested to know why and how it can make a "revolution" in your life, please follow me in my next article: "Remedy for success"
As always I'm open to listening to your thoughts you want to share...
Thank you to give me your time to read my reflections.

Desi Devino

Personalities & sources:

Edward Hodnett- Writer: "The Art of Problem Solving"

Albert Einstein

Joseph Murphy

Carl Gustav Jung
John Assaraf - Neurogym

T.Harv Eker - .Y Times bestselling book « Secret of the millionaire mind »
Mike Handcock: Rock your life

Idriss Aberkane
Simon Sinek - « Golden Circle », « Start with WHY? »
I six sigma
Kik starter - crowdfunding helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support …

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