3d Element of Constructructive Cycle is Fire

The Fire is the 3rd element in 5 elements philosophy. Fire feeds Earth
Red color represents. Fire. The question of this element is: Who? (Who spreads the fire?) It's the symbol of fame, glory.
The Constructive 5 Elements Cycle is a unisex collection of jewels for those who want to achieve their goals according to Nature’s logic in a constructive way.
This philosophy called « low of success » is engraved and presented as a Modern and innovative jewelry. The five questions linked to the five elements of Nature, according to the Constructive Cycle, become a personal GPS accompanying you along the path towards the fulfillment of your objectives.
Read the questions carefully, respond as sincerely as possible, write down the answers. If an answer takes it’s time to come, let it. Re-read your answers daily and make necessary adjustments.
Re-reading the answers every day keeps your motivation high and makes you leave your “comfort zone”. It keeps you on track of your new life and your new challenges.
« Repetition is much more important than intensity » - John Assaraf
Examples of constructive Questions you should ask if your goal is to develop a business idea:

  1. Who can give you the necessary support?
  2. Who may be interested in your idea/product/service?
  3. Who are you going to sell your product/service?
  4. Who is exactly your target?
  5. Who are your competitors?
  6. Who were your predecessors in what you are about to do?
  7. Who’s love did you crave growing up ? and why?
  8. Who did you have to earn that love? and why?
  9. Who is stealing your energy? and why?
  10. Who doesn’t deserve your engagement? and why?
  11. Who should you eliminate from your life? and why?
When you solved the question «Who» ? and you know, the answer,  the next question you should ask is: When?

Asking (yourself) the right questions in the right order, starting with the Why?, then What? and Who?, followed by When? and the final How? is important when in doubt or about to make difficult decisions, helps to:
    •    "Knowing yourself  - is the beginning of all wisdom"-Aristotle
    •    startup with your goal
    •    overcome lack of self-discipline
    •    maintain motivation over time
    •    clears the mind of the chaos
    •    clarify uncertainty about real goals in life
    •    eliminate your "comfort zone »

You will find more information here:

 To learn more: "The Golden Circle" of Simon Sinek:

Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust, and change. He's the author of the classic "Start With Why" Leadership expert.

This Jewelry is not only Jewelry... Your best motivation should be always close to you. Invest in yourself.

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