2d Element of Constructive Cycle is WOOD

The 2nd of 5 Elements is Wood. Wood feeds Fire. The 2d question in Constructive Cycle is What?

"Constructive 5 Elements Cycle" - called "low of success" engraved on the medallion and presented as a modern and innovative Jewelry.This is a unisex collection of Jewels for those who are taking care for personal evolution to achieve the goals.

The Constructive 5 Elements Cycle medallion plays a role of a personal mental coach leading you through the process of asking the correct questions in order to obtain correct answers and solutions with perseverance. The five questions linked to the five elements of Nature, according to the Constructive Cycle, become a personal GPS accompanying you along the path towards the fulfillment of your objectives.

In the moments of doubt or about to make difficult decisions, these questions can help you:

      • "Knowing yourself  - is the beginning of all wisdom"-Aristotle
      • to startup with your goal
      • to overcome lack of self-discipline
      • to maintain motivation over time
      • to clears the mind of the chaos
      • to clarify uncertainty about real goals in life
      • to eliminate your "comfort zone"

 If you want to have a control over your life, this jewelry, and its philosophy it's certainly for you.

This piece of jewelry may be helpful in both private and professional life and this makes it really unique. Like a private tutor, an amulet or a smart personal GPS, whenever answers and solutions outreaching our « comfort zone » are required, there it is, always ready to teach us to regain control of our lives. Just put the bracelet or necklace around your wrist or neck and let yourself be guided.

Read the questions carefully, respond as sincerely as possible, write down the answers. If an answer takes it’s time to come, let it. Re-read your answers daily and make necessary adjustments.

Re-reading the answers every day keeps your motivation high and makes you leave your “comfort zone”. It keeps you on track of your new life and your new challenges.

« Repetition is much more important than intensity » - John Assaraf

"The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions" - Mike Handcock.

Examples for question No 2 is What?

  1. Do you have a good business plan?
  2. Which market are you going to conquer?
  3. Which are the obstacles?
  4. What are your clients’ needs?
  5. What are the benefits of taking the risk?
  6. What is going to help me make a success of my project?
  7. What are the alternatives?
  8. What is the worst thing that may happen in case of failure?
  9. that make you understand the needs of your clients?
  10. What is your greatest frustration/fear?
  11. What means are you going to deploy to obtain your clients’ fidelity?
  12. What revenue are you planning to obtain?
  13. What are your particular pluses?
  14. What do you know about your competitors?
  15. What is your “comfort zone”?
  16. What knowledge do I need to succeed?
  17. What skill do I need?
  18. What strategy will minimize my risk?
  19. Do I see myself at the end of the destination

You will find more information here:

 To learn more: "The Golden Circle" of Simon Sinek:

Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust, and change. He's the author of the classic "Start With Why" Leadership expert.

This Jewelry is not only Jewelry... Your best motivation should be always close to you. Invest in yourself.

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