1st Element of Constructive Cycle is Water. The Question is Why?

The 1st of Five Elements is water. Water makes Wood grow. According to ancient sages, the very first question in the constructive cycle should be the question Why? This is the "key" question to any start.

 "If you do not ask the right question, you will not get the right answer." A question posed in the right way often indicates one's own answer. Asking good questions is ABC's of diagnoses »
"A good problem statement often includes what is known, what is unknown and what is sought"
"Only the curious mind solves the problems"
Edward Hodnett, writer, philosopher (1901 - 1984)
This piece of jewelry may be helpful in both private and professional life and this makes it really unique. Like a private tutor, an amulet or a smart personal GPS, whenever answers and solutions outreaching our « comfort zone » are required, there it is, always ready to teach us to regain control of our lives. Just put the bracelet or necklace around your wrist or neck and let yourself be guided.

Re-reading the answers every day keeps your motivation high and makes you leave your “comfort zone”. It keeps you on track of your new life and your new challenges.
« Repetition is much more important than intensity » - John Assaraf

"The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions" - Mike Handcock

 Some examples of question no° 1 why? :
  1. Why do I find this idea appealing/exciting?
  2. Why do I have frustration/bad feelings about……
  3. Why is this project going to make me happy?
  4. Why am I striving to make money?
  5. Why do I get up every morning?
  6. Why do I want to carry out this project?
  7. Why am I going to take the risk?
  8. Why would people want to buy this product/service?
  9. Why is my product/service going to help people?

Once you have the answer to your big "why?" question, you move to the second question: "What? " Then you continue to question number 3: Who? After you have answered question 3 comes the question: When? and the final question: How?
Having answered all the five questions you will come up with the final solution.
“Non-asking the correct questions leads to wrong answers” and to a destructive rather than constructive end.

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 To learn more: "The Golden Circle" of Simon Sinek:

Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust, and change. He's the author of the classic "Start With Why" Leadership expert.

This Jewelry is not only Jewelry... Your best motivation should be always close to you. Invest in yourself.

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P.S. The photo is showing the state of our oceans today, it means also our ignorance about showing respect for the most important element on our planet. Are we completely crazy? I dear to say that we don't deserve this beautiful richness we have received from our nature.





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