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  • Bonjour, suite à notre rencontre au Riviera Nettwork à Antibes, je suis ravie d'être votre adhérente. Mes motivations sont provoquées par le fait que à part que je suis créatrice de bijoux et d'autre accessoires sur la base de 5 éléments, je suis aussi une grande supportrice du développement personnel en tous les sens, ce que mes créations représentent. Pour le moment je n'ai aucune possibilité de donner mon temps au bénévolat. Desi Devino

    5 Éléments Concept

    Bijoux unisexe uniques.

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    Collection Bracelets 5 Elements

    La motivation à porté de main en forme d’un bracelet ou collier.

5 Elements Smart Jewelry, your Mental Coach…

Desi créations bijoux

I always mix in my creations 3 aspects: simplicity, elegance and utility

5 Elements Smart Jewelry, your Mental Coach…

A fashion designer by extraction, today I am happy to present my collection of smart jewelry declined in two different styles.

  1. Constructive 5 Elements Cycle
  2. Rough natural stones dedicated to those appreciating nature’s treasures and concerned with their personal well-being. The natural stones not shaped by human hand conserve their healing properties (lithotherapy) through terrestrial genesis memory maintaining numerous virtues.


My new collection – “Constructive 5 Elements Cycle” – Your Mental Coach


L’excellence vient avec l’expérience, la passion et le talent qui peuvent être renforcés par des techniques de développement personnel appliquées par des philosophies anciennes et modernes. Le résultat de cette approche créative est un concept de bijoux unisexe uniques. Je suis heureuse et fière de les présenter.

Passion has been leading my way through life. Today I am happy to present my life’s inspiration – 5 Elements Concept starting with bracelets transformable into necklaces. The silver plated medallion is adorned with written “guidelines” – the 5 Elements (corresponding to laws of Nature as originally established in the 5th century BC) present in Chinese philosophy underlying modern science and widely applied today by the world famous personal development coaches. Personally I have a passionate approach to Nature’s wisdom which I believe we should all listen to and follow. Great men did, so I have only to follow suit. A mix of ancient wisdom with modern lifestyle enclosed within the medallion and its bracelets will be an easy presence in your life’s many circumstances.

Look here for more information about the origins of this stunning philosophy.


The greatest psychologists / philosophers of personal developpment, such as Albert EINSTEIN, Joseph MURPHY, Carl Gustav JUNG and the best known writers, among others Napoleon HILL, Andrew CARNEGIE or  Rhonda BYRNE and all contemporary coaches of personal development for entrepreneurs, they apply these educational programs with this philosophy.
John ASSARAF (very involved in the subject of Neuroscience), the most recent tests of science confirm that the Grecques and Chinese were not mistaken in their resonances. The coaches of the current generation like: Tony ROBINS , John ASSARAF, Mike HANDKOCK and very convincing Eben PAGAN, and a
lso, one should not forget Brian TRACY, a big personality celebrated in the media over many years. Millions have profited from his extensive knowlegde world-wide. They apply this method with great success and also they encourage us to use it every day.

So why is this small medallion entering into your lives? To help you to keep and apply your motivation every day to go out from your “comfort zone”, to make necessary steps to achive your goals. Otherwise our brain will follow along a well-known path and no change will take place whatsoever.


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